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the world isn't as cruel as you take it to be。



* Comment with your username and people will comment you with what they like about you, why they like being your friend, and things like that.
* Comment your friends and spread the love! &hearts

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You are a sweet and kind person. You are easy to talk to and I love the funny e-mails you send me. They really make my day.
*Glomp* Awww!
*glomps back* It is all true.
Hahas I can't really think of ANYTHING bad so... basically all you need to know is everything good a person does :P

+ You're the best writer person I've met.
+ When you joke, I apologize for me ruining it.
+ Your sense of humor cracks me up and I feel like dying in peace.
+ You're one that actually understands even though you're older than me (and I actually am not fond of older people..)
+ Your mood is usually constantly happy and giddy which makes me feel the same (except on those days.. =__=;)
+ When you say something, even if it's just something like a hello, I smile for some reason.
+ Ahh.. I can't think of anymore.

Now these are no lies, 'kay? ^^
I feel like I'm gonna cry--hapilly. *Glomp/huggle* YOU ARE SO INCREDIBLY SWEET!
Lol no, I think it's my age n__n
I love you because you remind me 90% of the time! ^___^ You truly have honest opinions and does speak out! I love that!

And when I see you as Konoe or Youji, I'll be like: Photobucket
You have a fabulous sense of humor, and I always look forward to your journal posts. Plus, you really watch out for your friends (I'm thinking of the hitman_reborn dare that caused some hilarious wank XDDD)

this is late because my computer is a piece of poop and wouldn't let me post here until now

Deleted comment

I love so many things about you, I don’t even know where to begin. I like how we pretty much share a brain when it comes to most things… I can’t really think of I time when I’ve really disagreed with you, actually. You’re fucking hilarious, for real. You totally brighten my worst days, and make my best ones even better. You’re amazing, and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t ask for a better best friend. I love my Jenna! ;*


You are an immense force of love and win. I love you forever and I think I've only known you for 2 months or something, right? Just, this was meant to be.

You and me.

[there are several more, mm-hmm]

B-but. I can't have an Ayame hanging around my neck like an old dead goose! A Solmeteer needs to run free and solo, pursuing his dreams!

In a brief fit of +5 seriousness, I actually have to thank lordsummer for helping me come into my own, back in the day when I was an awkward gangly and dramatic twerp. My humor may be mine at the core, but he was my inspiration.

(Has it only been two months? Really? D=)

Thank you, Ayame. =) *hug, squeeze, Klingon forehead tackle, belly bump*
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